Commit 9a6dff8f authored by Aron Fiechter's avatar Aron Fiechter
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Add span around emoji in Tooltip

parent 6b90f625
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ export default function Tooltip() {
const hoverNode = resultsById[hoverSiteId] || null;
return (
<MouseTooltip visible={hoverNode !== null} offsetX={15} offsetY={10} style={{zIndex: 9999}}>
<MouseTooltip visible={hoverNode !== null} offsetX={15} offsetY={10} style={{ zIndex: 9999 }}>
{hoverNode && (
<Card style={{ width: '300px' }}>
......@@ -19,14 +19,19 @@ export default function Tooltip() {
<Card.Title as={'h6'} className={'text-truncate'}>
<Card.Subtitle className='mb-2 text-muted text-truncate'>
<Card.Subtitle className="mb-2 text-muted text-truncate">
<Card.Subtitle className='text-muted text-truncate'>
<Card.Subtitle className="text-muted text-truncate">
<Card.Footer className='mt-2 text-muted'>💡 Press "i" to learn more</Card.Footer>
<Card.Footer className="mt-2 text-muted">
<span className="mr-sm-2" role="img" aria-label="Lamp emoji">
<span>Press "i" to learn more</span>
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